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italian coffee

Coffee is one of the undisputed pleasures of the Italian lifestyle.

But what is the real Italian coffee?

The espresso? Yes, but which one?

It is easy to say that the espresso is the Italian coffee for excellence.

In the espresso’s Italy, by merely changing cities, there are variations in the cup’s color, aroma, taste and quantity.

The significant differences in taste and consumption patterns in the various areas of Italy, in particular between North and South, are closely linked to the culture, traditions and habits of the people who consume it.

Actually, the fact that there are multiple styles of espresso does not mean that the Italian espresso known abroad does not exist. On the contrary, it is proof of how the multifaceted culture of Italians is also reflected in the cup, which strengthens and enriches the existence of the Italian espresso itself.

Add to this, the fact that when it is time to order, the variations on the theme are as many and different as there are people in front of the counter: ristretto, short, long, double, high, small cup, large cup, glass, decaf, hot macchiato, cold macchiato, lukewarm, with milk aside, with soy milk, corretto, marocchino, American, with cream, con la mosca, and so on.

To the detriment of the many preferences, perhaps only one constant of Italian coffee doesn’t change: the speed with which it is consumed. Whether it’s ristretto, corretto or macchiato, time is still a variable that dominates: what matters is drinking coffee in 3 sips.

To go beyond the myth of Italian coffee

remember that countries like Australia have become masters of this drink in terms of preparation, curiosity and culture.

They tell us different preparation methods, besides espresso or coffee made with the very traditional (but very popular) moka, which is impossible to compare in an attempt to find the best, but each of which is suitable for a different occasion. From the “French press”, which returns a “thick and clean profile” coffee, to the “cold brew“, cold extraction that takes a long time to brew, but guarantees an “elegant, thirst-quenching and light” drink.

Why choose the real Italian coffee?

Italian coffee benefits from its strong identity which is well connected with the Italian lifestyle, various Italian philosophies on coffee, and more generally, Italianness.

This allows it to occupy a significant market niche – those who want to differentiate themselves from the main competitors.

Those who choose Italian coffee today often do it because they want to differentiate themselves in their market especially from large international chains and third wave bars in order to tell an authentic story, both in cultural and product terms.

A defined area with respect to the market but which in absolute terms can have a premium position in an increasingly crowded market: friendly and never arrogant but distant from the mainstream logic, the most natural one for Italian coffee.

That’s why in Italy and abroad simply saying “which is the real Italian coffee?” is more complex than expected!

More than Italian

If pleasure has more faces, the Italians can satisfy them all thanks to the art of roasting and blending of “Made in Italy”.

SpecialCoffee goes way beyond Italian coffee. To discover the Italian coffee experience in all its forms.

Espresso, pod, cappuccino, moka, Americano, freddo on ice, latte macchiato?

SpecialCoffee is not only the excellence of Italian coffee.
It is the best Italian coffee experience in all its shapes.
It is an infinite history of quality, taste and innovation, starting from Italy and reaching the rest of the world.

The coffee experience offered by SpecialCoffee is not only the Italian version of local coffees, but the celebration of all coffee preparations and consumptions, created and interpreted by an expert of Italian espresso.

The SpecialCoffee approach? Everywhere you are and whatever is your way of drinking coffee, you can always find your “more than Italian” coffee, something perfect for you, to fall in love with.

There’s more to sip, beyond the espresso

Preparation is just as important as the drinking rituals.
For every coffee, SpecialCoffee recommends a special hack to bring out its best qualities.

Discover lots of Italian coffee varieties and choose the one you feel like.


Get to know some of our best Italian coffees

Il Tuo Espresso: Caffè In Grani Per Bar E Per Macchine Automatiche In Confezione Da 1 Kg
Il Tuo Espresso
Coffee beans for espresso machines or for grinding at home. Packaged in a 1kg bag


The SpecialCoffee blend Il Tuo Espresso, can become a bold, tall mug if prepared with the French press.

What makes this coffee blend special is the intense taste and persistent aroma. The predominant aromatic notes of spices and chocolate are accompanied by a delicate fruity touch and a slight floral scent which make for the perfect daily ritual.

Espresso Pods - Coffee Pods ESE 44mm
Espresso Pods
ESE 44mm compostable coffee pods compatible with all Easy Serving Espresso machines. Single pack in a protective atmosphere of 7g


Coffee Pods Espresso offer a creamy, quick solution with a flavour that never disappoints.

Everyone needs a morning boost and the SpecialCoffee pod is the right way to start your day. You’ll find a rounded taste and full aroma. And if it’s your thing, you can make that affogato you always crave at the local café.

Verdadero - Caffè In Grani Per Macchine Espresso Bar E Ristorante - Certificato Rainforest Alliance - Caffè Sostenibile
Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans for espresso machines. Packaged in a 1 kg bag

Verdadero is the perfect combination of aroma, taste and sustainability. Doubly good.

Not only are the raw materials of this coffee blend the highest quality, but they are also sustainable as they are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. This is a well-balanced, full-bodied coffee with a fruity aroma, floral notes and the distinctive finish of bittersweet chocolate. Enjoy an extraordinary experience with this well-balanced, full-bodied cup of coffee while positively impacting society and the environment.

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