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environmental social governance

In an era in which sustainability is often only used as a greenwashing communication strategy, defining it clearly today becomes a priority for those who, in sustainability, have always believed and invested.

Between tradition and innovation, the history of SpecialCoffee is marked by important changes, each of which has been the result of evaluations and choices in which sustainability has always played a key and decisive role.

We have in fact understood that sustainability represents our strategic horizon, our development model and the competitive scenario towards which to turn.

We have started a path of awareness and sustainable actions, an integral part of our strategy and our business model, with the need to enhance what has already been done and to make our choices visible and shared by all stakeholders, in a system logic which adds further value to our commitment.


Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly, the characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained indefinitely at a certain level. In the environmental, economic and social fields, it is the process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the investment plan, the orientation of technological development and institutional changes are all in harmony and enhance the current and future potential in order to cope with human needs and aspirations.

Many consider only the ENVIRONMENTAL aspect, or the impact on the planet, evaluating how a company behaves towards the environment in which it is located and the environment in general.

Then there are the more attentive who instead also consider the SOCIAL aspect, that is the impact and relationship with the territory, with people, with employees, suppliers, customers and in general with communities with whom it operates or with which it is in relationship.

But there is another dimension to consider: GOVERNANCE, which concerns the issues of corporate management inspired by the transparency of decisions, good practices and ethical principles.

Therefore the acronym ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) summarizes the three fundamental dimensions to verify, measure, control and support, through the purchase of products or investment choices, the commitment in terms of sustainability of a company or an organization.

To define itself as sustainable, a company must have these three dimensions, as if they were the three legs of a stool: if one is missing, the stool does not stand.

It is no coincidence: at SpecialCoffee we have always talked not only about sustainability but also about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Sustainability means creating long-term value, satisfying needs of today without compromising future generations.

How? Through the choices and actions we make as individuals and as a company.


energy efficiency and renewable sources - environmentalENERGY EFFICIENCY AND RENEWABLES SOURCES

We prefer equipment with efficient energy classes.
We use gas and green energy from renewable sources.

compostable pods - environmentalCOMPOSTABLE PODS

The pod has always been SpecialCoffee’s portioned coffee because it is the most eco-friendly single-serve coffee.
Especially because it is packaged with Compofilt® compostable certified filter paper: a fabric made of 100% natural fibers, tested and certified to be thrown away after use, to help respect the environment and the health of consumers.
Let’s discover our coffee pods!

eco-friendly technology - environmentalECO-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY

Since 2013, SpecialCoffee’s roasting capabilities entered an exciting new era thanks to the new generation “Eco-Friendly” Brambati technology.
“Eco-Friendly” because coffee roaster uses less gas and produces fewer CO2 emissions thanks to the ability to recycle hot air produced in each roasting batch.

e-station - environmental E-STATION FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES

We have installed a charging station with an auto-start function.
Visitors are greeted with state-of-the-art service and employees can recharge their electric car while they are at work.

trash - environmentalTRASH

We are committed every day to the reduction, renewability, recycling and reuse of waste.

water - environmentalWATER

We are committed to reducing water consumption in daily use (i.e. photocells on all taps).
Furthermore, even if it is a choice for the quality of the product, in the cooling process we only use air (without ever using water).

energy efficiency of infrastructures - environmentalENERGY EFFICIENCY OF INFRASTRUCTURES

SpecialCoffee’s headquarters recently underwent an energy redevelopment project with external thermal insulation.


training - socialTRAINING

At SpecialCoffee, training has always been a continuous, systemic and shared process beyond the obligations established by law.
In particular, as regards coffee, a training area and the collaboration with SCA, Coffee Training Academy and qualified coffee trainers, allow us to share and spread our passion for coffee to partners, collaborators and employees by offering the opportunity to continuously improve their professional skills in the world of coffee.

social and local projects - socialSOCIAL AND LOCAL PROJECTS

SpecialCoffee supports local initiatives of a social, charitable, sporting nature and for the promotion and enhancement of the territory in general.

corporate welfare - socialCORPORATE WELFARE

We enhance our human resources by establishing long-term relationships with permanent employment contracts. The flexibility of hours, attention to health and safety at work allow us to offer a peaceful and safe working environment.

customers and suppliers - socialCUSTOMERS AND SUPPLIERS

In addition to passion for coffee, we seek our same values of quality, tradition, innovation and sustainability in our partners, customers and suppliers.

awareness of stakeholders - socialAWARENESS OF STAKEHOLDERS

Sharing our vision and our commitment with all stakeholders along the entire supply chain (beyond the boundaries of company activities) is SpecialCoffee’s strategy to establish and enhance relationships of transparency, trust, and long-term collaboration.
But not only. We know that a sustainable company exists only if there is a sustainable customer.
Those who know can understand, appreciate and give the right value to a product. This is why we favor the triggering of a virtuous circle that gives continuous impetus to improvement, communicating and informing.



We believe that sustainable coffee can be an important part of creating a more sustainable world.
For this reason, since 2014 we have been collaborating with Rainforest Alliance, the international non-profit organization that has been working for 35 years to conserve biodiversity, protect the environment and promote the rights and well-being of workers and their families as well as communities while ensuring effective agricultural methods.

Sustainability is a journey, not a point of arrival.
Thus, in recent years, SpecialCoffee’s journey through the taste of sustainable coffee has never stopped.
Always committed to providing pleasure of a unique, good and sustainable coffee in every cup, this year we presented the new Reserva blend, which is added to Verdadero, the historic blend of Rainforest Alliance certified coffee.


management and responsible business growth - governanceMANAGEMENT AND RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS GROWTH

Governance is the basis of our work and our corporate citizenship and establishes the key points that guide us to do the right thing through continuous research and innovation for responsible business growth.

ethical standards and values - governanceETHICAL STANDARDS AND VALUES

The solidity of our environmental sustainability and social responsibility depends on the strength of the ethical, compliance and quality standards that we have set ourselves, but also on having firm roots in the values (quality, tradition and innovation), in the purpose, and in the principles of our company.

trasparency - governanceTRANSPARENCY

Transparency is an important driver in our business life as it generates trust and increased engagement between the company and the people closely related to it (internal and external).

Sustainability is a choice

Being a family company affords us the freedom to choose what we do, create a long-term vision, and have the solidity to face whatever challenges the world gives us.

Sustainability is an important part of who we are.

For years at SpecialCoffee, we have been committed to creating value for society and the environment through conscious choices. All time. Through simple and small gestures you can make a difference.

Small Actions = Big Changes

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