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Cappuccino Positivo

When the SpecialCoffee’s “secret recipe” meets new ingredients:

  • the fresh milk of Latteria di Chiuro, natural and healthy, produced exclusively in certified farms of Valtellina, checked every day to safeguard the quality and ensure traceability;
  • the positivity of the project #PiùSegniPositivi, an innovative community welfare project, active in the territory of Sondrio, in support of those who are in a situation of temporary economic difficulties;
  • the bond with the land, the Valtellina;

the result is a simply delicious cappuccino!
But above all a “cause-related marketing” project that is a collaboration “made in Valtellina” between SpecialCoffee, Latteria di Chiuro and PiùSegniPositivi and the fact that living in Valtellina (even if the SpecialCoffee’s market is international) reflects the importance of having roots
a strength, a made aware of values that do not change and they certainly have nurtured the company’s history and will continue to do so.

The project is told every day by the packaging of the fresh milk of Latteria di Chiuro and it allows us to have positive effects on the territory… with small and simple daily gestures.
Just like a cup of coffee!

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