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Pausa Caffè - Coffee Break - Vending


Coffee breaks make work better! They alleviate stress and make us more productive. The properties of coffee and the positive effects of caffeine on the body and mind are now known, but there are other benefits too, related to the positive atmosphere of socialization that is created during the "coffee break". A Danish research identifies it like one of the most important factors in the workplace. Let’s discover why…
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Il Corpo Del Caffè - Immagine In Evidenza

What is coffee “body”?

How do you "feel", describe and understand what influences the main characteristics of taste-tactile analysis? Sip by sip, let’s discover coffee’s "body” which must be full and aromatic particularly in the espresso shot and vending. However, be mindful of the astringency and temperature of the espresso. And above all else, do not forget to mix it before drinking!
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