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Reserva coffee

Coffee, rich in stories, is capable of transmitting emotions through the aromas and flavors from distant countries where the particular climatic and soil conditions meet specific cultivation and harvest methods as well as the craftsmanship and work of the people who devote themselves to its culture. All of this culminates in giving life to an extraordinary taste experience.

In every cup there is all of this and much more.

The particularity of each coffee is characterized by unique sensory characteristics thanks to the cultivation in specific geographical areas.

From passionate research and meticulous selection, the new blend Reserva is born and takes us on a journey to the coffee continents.

Every journey has a beginning and an end, starts from a place and, along a path, leads to a new destination.

However, there are journeys that lead to the origins, to the soul of stories, territories and people. Beyond places and destinations.

Reserva’s journey of taste starts from a cup and, through two fine selections of Arabica coffee varieties, takes us to the fascinating lands of South America’s Honduras and Brazil.

These full-bodied but balanced coffees possess a sweet taste with refined acidity and an intense aroma that combines fruity scents while recalling notes of citrus fruits accompanied by hints of spices.

Reserva brings with it the uniqueness of its lands of origin. As with an actual journey, each cup reveals special and surprising aromatic notes.

For the curiously savvy who seek a stimulating journey to distant countries as well as escapism and novelty in their coffee, SpecialCoffee offers an exclusive taste without neglecting the sustainability factor.

For a new coffee culture, between taste and awareness. So that drinking a good coffee is an increasingly conscious pleasure. Twice as good.

A story of sustainability in every cup

Reserva is an exclusive selection of Arabica beans from certified farms Rainforest Alliance which, thanks to the organoleptic interpretations of the different countries signed by SpecialCoffee, becomes a way to travel through the taste of sustainable coffee.

It represents the perfect combination of excellent coffee, respect for the ecosystem, and social responsibility. Bringing the pleasure of a unique, good, and sustainable coffee to every cup.

Its origins are from 100% sustainable agriculture, certified by Rainforest Alliance and is an added value for those who want a sensory experience that tastes of distant lands but is always in compliance with important environmental and working parameters.

We work on change

because change can also spread through a single cup of coffee.

Reserva joins Verdadero, SpecialCoffee’s signature Rainforest Alliance certified coffee blend.

Thanks to its unique and sustainable character, the Reserva blend represents for SpecialCoffee an important step in a long, dynamic and ever-changing path between tradition and innovation.

A story made of substance, but also of vision and momentum towards the future.

Research, innovation and change are part of SpecialCoffee’s historic experience marked by more than 20 years of evolution and revolution in which the company has been able to create, innovate, and grow in the art of coffee blends.

Today the market is increasingly demanding, it harmonizes innovation and tradition, speed and rituality, globality and origin.

The quality and sustainability of Reserva reach a young target who are lovers of good food and travel as well as curious and attentive to environmental impact issues.

Interpreting the evolution from “drinkers” to “connoisseurs” of coffee, increasingly trendy and diverse, driven by the desire to explore tastes and origins, in search of premium blends from certified and sustainable supply chains.

And the coffee ritual becomes a moment of pleasure to be savored to the full while always mindful in awareness.

Even in Italy

As confirmed by a recent survey conducted by AstraRicerche on behalf of the Consorzio Promozione Caffè (Coffee Promotion Consortium), for a long time, the notoriety of espresso coffee did not go hand in hand with product knowledge. Indeed, the Italian people have often been reproached for “taking coffee for granted”, without recognizing its quality and origin, “because our espressos are always good”.

Paradoxically, in many other countries consumers in order to enjoy a good coffee have had to inform themselves more carefully and have developed a culture on the subject (very similar to that reserved for wine).

In recent years there has been a reversal of the trend. The phenomenon born in the USA called Third Wave Coffee is also spreading in Italy: an approach to coffee that changes its perception as a drink, deepening aspects such as tasting, production, sustainability.

Consumers want to know what they are drinking, trace its origin, and evaluate its quality. The idea of “close-meal” coffee is gradually being overcome: today true luxury becomes treating yourself to the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee, perhaps at the bar, in a conscious way.

Therefore, attention is growing for the organoleptic properties of the blends, for the provenance from certified supply chains and for the respect of workers. Those who are committed to supporting the entrepreneurship of local communities, also training the new generations who will become the farmers of tomorrow, are preferred.

The act of “drinking a good coffee” at the bar cannot fail to consider the origin of the product, starting from how it is grown to how it is made sustainable for the environment and for the community.

With Reserva the alchemy that makes coffee a product with a local soul capable of seducing a global audience of passionate consumers is renewed with taste and attention to the environment.

An experience to try!

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