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Porcelain and Glass

The design enhances the characteristics of the coffee

Inside a coffee bar you can find a variety of cups meant to delight the eye as well as enhance the characteristics of the coffee.

The cup is a tool that decisively influences the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee inside.
The shape of the cup affects in the formation of crema, it can concentrate or disperse the aromas and it can regulate the flow of the drink in the oral cavity.
The material of the cup also determines the temperature, which deeply affects the perception of flavors.

Coffee Bar Accessories and Disposable items

A complete line of innovative coffee bar accessories and disposable items.


For dressing up the SpecialCoffee style.

POP Material

For signing the coffee bar in an elegant and distinctive way, to give visibility and a coordinated image.

Marketing Material

For communicating SpecialCoffee: brochure, cards and poster.

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