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Coffee is a simple gesture, an integral part of our lives.

Behind every cup hides a long history, made of choices, experience, professionalism, passion, know-how and perfecting. But also roastings and baristas.

To transfer product culture and bring content within all businesses dealing with coffee, giving baristas the opportunity for improvement, to use at best creativity and expertise of espresso to return coffee experiences to customers, which can go beyond the pleasure of drinking a good coffee.

This is the goal of SpecialCoffee regarding training.

It is part of our responsibilities as roasters. At the same time, training is a way to preserve, pass on and reinforce the high value of “made in Italy” that we have been exporting all over the world for 20 years with high quality coffee blends and a strong service component.

However, this implies constant training and knowledge in various fields which unfortunately the bartender does not always possess.

All too often the barista is an improvised operator without the necessary professional training and skills. They do not realize that being a barista is a true and proper profession. It requires experience, technical mastery, knowledge of how to manage, check and maintain all the products and equipment involved in making a perfect Italian espresso.

Hence the need to study, update and improve. Paramount to the profession is continuous education, experimentation, evolution, openness and flexibility. All the while keeping abreast of the times and renewing oneself and remaining true to themselves.

The training of the barista is essential

We are aware that what we entrust to our customers is not a finished product.

We can select the best coffees in the world, grown with the best techniques and then blend them, roast them and cool them to bring out their natural qualities to the maximum, but if the professional is not able to enhance their potential, all the work back will have been in vain!

The barista has to ensure consistency from cup to cup. The espresso coffee machine allows for manipulation and change multiple variables including water temperature, extraction time and the total amount of coffee brewed. All of this can help with consistency, quality and control. However, good extraction is not enough.

The hand of the barista by definition, because it contemplates the human factor, does not guarantee constancy, but for this it gives an added value to the drink and it increases the sensory experience of the consumer.

The role of the barista is fundamental in the success of a good espresso because he is the last link in the coffee production chain.

A professional barista studies coffee, expresses his best in the various steps behind the coffee machine (starting from the choice of blends to the grind) to put a perfect espresso into the cup and, last but not least, tells the coffee. This way, he can keep his customers loyal every day, cup after cup.

In order to enhance coffee, you need to study and practice continuously. Behind every good extraction, there are as many unsuccessful attempts and tests, but also experiments, books read, calculations and proportions.

The processing of artisan products requires technique, exercise and precision. Factors that can not be improvised.

It means knowing the journey of the coffee bean from the plantations to the cup, and then aspects of botany, agronomy, chemistry, physics and the complex production process that leads to the perfect espresso. It means training.

A professional barista is technically prepared, knows the product, is able to create completely different coffees and, going beyond the 25cc espresso in 25 seconds, keeps the tradition of Italian espresso alive.

The future of Italian espresso is made with attention to quality and to the consumer, because this tradition must be explained. Tell the story of coffee by making it clear that the preparation is only the last 30 seconds of a long journey.

The barista, as the last link in the supply chain, is the connection between producers and consumers. It must therefore also fulfill the task of divulgator. To him, the responsibility of telling and explaining the origin of the product he is serving, the quality and the work concentrated in the cup.

The communication is the strong point of a café. People who go to the café have to come out enriched with information and emotions.

With patience, humility and constancy, the barista can train conscious consumers without forgetting to respond to their needs.

To become a barista

Passion is the key word in SpecialCoffee.

It takes a lot of passion to become a barista, along with an excellent preparation that is the result of targeted training. It is therefore no coincidence that training is a strategic step.

We have always believed in the importance of in-company training: starting from the coffee supply chain, we get to deepen the characteristics, the cup profiles and the methods of extracting the individual coffee blends.

Training is also integrated with visits to the company where our partners can follow the entire production process, from selection to the finished product.

The attitude to training over time has become a real asset.

A new training space in SpecialCoffee

This is why we have invested in training by creating a new operating space right inside the company. A training area of over 60 square meters designed specifically for training, which is born from the experience and passion of SpecialCoffee for coffee, to reveal its secrets and host courses with professional trainers.

A place where the Italian espresso culture can be expressed at the highest levels. A multi-faceted environment that is a cafeteria, training and tasting room, but also a school, a space for meeting and studying the art of coffee, where you can immerse yourself in the culture of coffee and discover all the secrets and the latest trends in the field (from the perfect espresso with latte art or brewing).

A space where all the know-how acquired day by day on the national and international scenario takes shape and promotes development through training.

The restructuring within the roasting has created a space divided into two areas that can accommodate over 20 people:

  • the first area with monitor, blackboard, projector, tables and chairs is dedicated to the theoretical lessons, presentations and demonstrations of the trainers who tell the secrets of coffee from behind the counter;
  • the second area is designed for practical demonstrations for baristas, with espresso machines and grinders of different Italian brands available to trainers and trainees to learn more about the use of these tools, to make tastings and learn the art of the cafeteria.

This space, maintaining a deep bond with its origins, works for this. To spread the knowledge of coffee, to allow professionals and lovers of the subject to make every preparation in a workmanlike manner.

Training is a distinctive element of the SpecialCoffee proposal, an added value that we dedicate to the future bar, catering and hospitality professionals, or to the bartenders who every day already work behind the counter, but also to distributors, sector operators and general to all the stakeholders with whom we are confronted.

At the same time, training represents a moment of exchange and sharing with our commercial partners in which, with a view to partnerships, SpecialCoffee has the opportunity to always receive different ideas, suggestions, objectives, study and research projects.

We provide our customers with professional, technical, commercial and marketing training in order to convey the concepts to improve their work to the barista.

A dedicated training package, able to give all the tools to ensure that our quality promise is maintained, from the plant to the final cup.

With tailor-made solutions, from the small café to the more traditional ones that simply want to offer perfect espresso and cappuccinos, up to a complete service that includes training, consultancy on the coffee shop and private label.

The fundamental part of training in SpecialCoffee is practice which is characterized by contact with the raw material, with roasted coffee, cupping, tests with the grinder and with professional machines.

Baristas, international partners and enthusiasts are taken by the hand and guided by experts, consultants and trainers of recognized experience, by professional trainers and SCA (Specialty Coffee Association, the most important authority guarantor of coffee excellence) certified as Giuseppe Giulianelli (Coffee Specialist and Trainer AST, SCA certified teacher) to live a new and concrete experience of professional growth.

Minimal common denominator: quality coffee.

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