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Live Chat SpecialCoffee website

Browse our website and you will notice a red icon in the lower right corner of the monitor.

It’s the “live chat” icon


While we know that we will never be able to answer all of our visitors’ questions in advance, we do know that we can answer questions with Live Chat providing answers in a short amount of time!

This feature will improve functionality and offer a better browsing experience. Live Chat enables us to answer questions that arise while you’re browsing our site and even serves as a go to information destination.

At the same time with Live Chat we can collect valuable information that we will then use to integrate into the contents of the site essentially expanding our knowledge base for our customers to tap into at their leisure.

We like to get in direct contact with visitors of our website!

Live Chat is an excellent online service and assistance tool to offer you support.

This fast support gives you the opportunity to chat in real time with a knowledgeable customer service team which assists you during your web experience should you have doubts or problems that could cause you to stop the navigation or leave the site.

With Live Chat, we can satisfy users who are looking for even better support than a simple information request form, an email, a telephone call or social media, avoiding waiting or automated response systems.

A survey by the American research firm Forrester found that about 50% of consumers claim that having a person who answers their questions live while they are in the middle of the decision-making process is one of the biggest advantages that a brand can offer.

But also providing proactive support because with a simple “Buongiorno! Can I help you?” we can guide you to the right product for you and your business!

However, we will continue to answer your calls, online forms, emails and social media pings.

Have you tried Live Chat yet? Please do. We’re waiting for you!

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