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caffè da campeggio - making coffee while you are camping


Finally, it’s time for vacation.

You’ve spent the past year working hard and now a holiday is in order. What better way to enjoy the break than with the quintessential vacation, camping!
Maybe camping isn’t for everyone but the great outdoors beckons for you to get back to basics and enjoy nature’s beauty. Truly, there is nothing more peaceful than sitting in front of the campfire watching a sunset, listening to the cicadas, watching the stars in the sky while chatting with friends.
The calm and serenity this scenario provides is difficult to match anywhere else.

Of course, wouldn’t you like to know what will make it even better? A good cup of coffee!

You shouldn’t have to camp without it but how do you brew good coffee when you are away from the wonders of a modern kitchen?

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to go completely without it even if you’re miles away from civilization and spending your nights in a tent!
There are actually many different ways you can brew and enjoy delicious coffee while you are sitting in front of your tent staring at the campfire under the starry sky.
Just add a few simple light items to your backpack and life’s elixir is right at hand!

Let’s take a look at a few different methods for making coffee while you’re camping!

1. Boiled “cowboy way”

Harken back to the old days when this was the only method cowboys and pioneers used while sitting around the campfire which required nothing but the basics.

The method is quite simple. All you need is a pot which you fill with water, add your coffee grounds and place on the fire.
Before the water boils, remove the pot from the fire, pour the infusion and wait for 5-8 minutes until the coffee powder has settled on the bottom.

A variant? Boil the water and add coffee later.

2. French Press

When the campsite is only reached on foot and you’re carrying everything with a backpack, the French Press is lightweight and easy to use.

Boil water in a pot and stand away from the fire (or the cooker) and wait for about 1-2 minutes to reach the ideal temperature for the water. Add the amount of ground coffee to the bottom of the press and slowly pour the water into the press with constant and circular movements, to mix the powder and allow the hot water to reach every particle of coffee. Put the lid on and after about 3 minutes of infusion, gently push the filter down and the coffee is ready to enjoy!

A tip? Boil a little extra water to preheat the press.

3. Filter coffee

It’s another truly lightweight option for your camping gear. All you have to bring is the dripper and some tapered paper with you.

Place the dripper on your cup, insert the conical filter and bathe with a little hot water.
At this point you can put the coffee dose into the cone and start pouring hot water with constant and circular movements to let it slowly move (and evenly) through the coffee layer.

The right dose? 15gr for 250ml of water.
The right coffee? CAFFÉ FILTRO

4. Moka

It’s the most iconic Italian option. The moka hanging from the backpack is the distinctive sign of an Italian camper.

Fill the bottom chamber with cold water up to the valve, insert the filter and fill it with the amount of coffee you like depending on the intensity. Close the moka tight and place it on the fire until the coffee starts to rise.

A tip? In order to have a more uniform drink from the first to the last cup, remember to mix the coffee in the moka with a spoon before pouring.

So… Who says you can’t brew coffee while living in a tent?!

In fact, you will remember it as one of the best coffees ever!
When you return to your everyday life, you will miss the peace and quiet in which you prepared and enjoyed your camping coffee.

All you have to remember to bring is the SpecialCoffee!

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