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Ground Coffee

SpecialCoffee ground coffee blends are born from the skillful selection of quality roasted and ground coffees suited best for the traditional Moka pot at home. They are also suitable for an espresso-like at the café or a filtered coffee with all the pleasure of Italian coffee.

Caffè Filtro - Caffè Macinato Per Macchine Filtro E French Press - Per Preparazione Caffè Filtro, Lungo O Caffè Americano

Caffè Filtro

Medium grind coffee ideal for filter coffee, long or American. 280g pack.
Ground coffee details
Caffè Macinato Lattina - Per Macchine Espresso E Caffè Moka

Caffè Macinato Lattina

Ground coffee for mocha and espresso machine. 250g can in a protective atmosphere.
Ground coffee details

Caffè Extreme

Ground coffee ideal for moka pot. Packaged in a 250g vacuum bag.
Ground coffee details
Caffè Decaffeinato Capsule Monodose Per Macchine Espresso Bar

“Easy” Decaffeinated

The Decaffeinated ground coffee in single-dose antistatic capsules for espresso bar machine.
Ground coffee details

Gift Case-Box

Gift box containing a 250G tin. of ground coffee and two espresso cups
Ground coffee details

SpecialCoffee ground coffees for Moka, espresso and filter machines or French Press

The modern and innovative methods of processing and packaging, such as the vacuum, the protective atmosphere or the aroma-saving valve are specifically designed to preserve and keep coffee powder fresh.

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Here, however, you can find all the tips to prepare a perfect moka coffee in your home.

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