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Going Green“Going Green” is an eco-friendly, streamlined marketing approach designed to reduce our impact on the environment and increase our sustainability efforts in order to help conserve the earth’s resources.

The simpler and smaller everyday actions repeated every day can really make the difference!

small actions = big changes

Until today, we added printed marketing materials such as brochures and cards to order, even when not requested.

But sometimes it can feel wasteful!

be more eco-conscious

Printed marketing materials can have a huge impact on the environment in terms of carbon footprint at several levels.

Help us reduce and save paper (which means saving trees) and ink, reduce energy consumption (for printing) and air pollution (caused by the paper manufacturing process).
Help OUR environment!

How? Request the SpecialCoffee printed marketing materials only when you need them! Just let us know what you need and how many.

If not requested by you, we will no longer add them by default.

marketing materials*printed marketing materials: brochure, card SpecialCoffee (ITA, ENG, DEU), card Gran Crema Blue (ITA, ENG, DEU), card Verdadero (ITA, ENG).

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