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Since 1999, passion for coffee proudly made with quality in Italia

Steadfast quality, passion, tradition, responsibility and innovation are the hallmark ingredient of our secret recipe.
Since 1999 SpecialCoffee blends aroma, taste and crema for the perfect “made in Italia” espresso.
Let yourself be swept away…

From the bean... to the cup

Slow roasting and air cooling

A perfect espresso, naturally!

Don’t be surprised by a perfect espresso.
Although coffee is not an exact science, only when you have the passion and knowledge of coffee, you can offer an excellent coffee!

Since 1999 the SpecialCoffee’s coffee blends have a secret recipe made of:

  • careful research and selection of raw materials
  • import of best coffees directly from origin Countries
  • blending 
  • slow roasting according with the best tradition
  • naturally air cooling 
  • packaging 
  • passion for coffee


always more


the ingredient of our secret recipe


carefully selecting quality plantations


enhancing the coffee’s natural qualities of taste and aroma


sustainable development + corporate responsibility (ethical, social, environmental)

Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to have a positive influence on people and the planet!

Always more… ECO-FRIENDLY!

Since 2013 SpecialCoffee’s roasting capabilities entered an exciting new era thanks to the new state of the art Italian Eco-Friendly Coffee roaster!
The Eco-Friendly Coffee roaster uses less gas and produces fewer CO2 emissions than both traditional drum and fluid air bed roasters. Additionally, it possesses the ability to recycle hot air produced in each roasting batch.
The high-tech convection roasting method flows a stream of hot air through the roasting drum in order to roast the bean. With this precision instrument, our expert staff continue to provide the best and most dependable results. This includes a much more uniform roast which delivers a consistent flavor every time, as well as enhancing the natural characteristics of the coffee.
These may seem like minor influences but as coffee lovers know, every detail makes a difference!
Between tradition and innovation, SpecialCoffee is able to grow its capacity while maintaining the philosophy and style as an ‘artisan’ rather than a ‘commodity’ roaster.


Imagine Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility as the driving force of innovation.
Realize it by integrating more and more CSR within the business processes and beyond… while sharing this vision and commitment with all stakeholders throughout the supply chain.
In effect, triggering a virtuous circle providing impetus to a continuous improvement.
We want to have a positive influence on people and the planet!

Always more… CSR!

SpecialCoffee is one of a select few companies awarded the distinction of “Best Practices” of CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility for the Lombardy region in appreciation of the following attainments:

  • environmental sustainability projects
  • quality of work and relationships with staff
  • civic-minded focus with direct community involvement for the betterment of our society
  • high-quality relationships with customers and consumers
  • engaging other companies in Lombardy to participate in the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility

These points of impact affirm our mission and further support our corporate and family values which are an integral component in every step of providing a cup of SpecialCoffee.


Exporting quality all over the world... proudly made with quality in Italia

70% export

more than 1 million cup/day

35 countries

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