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Cold Brew - Caffè Filtro - Filter Coffee


One of the latest trends in the cafeteria is cold extraction, better known as Cold Brew.

Be careful not to confuse Cold Brew Coffee with cold coffee, which belongs to the Italian tradition. It takes espresso or moka coffee that is either refrigerated, shaken with ice or combined with almond milk…

“Brew” literally means “infused”.
The extraction is done by infusion, slowly, with cold water.

The time factor

Did you know that Italian espresso is prepared in a few seconds?
However, Cold Brew Coffee is the exact opposite and the password for preparation is slowness.
We need 8 to 12 hours to prepare a good coffee concentrate that can then be diluted with water, milk or even drunk straight.

The coffee extraction temperature

The main difference between Cold Brew and iced coffee involves temperature. That is, Cold Brew is brewed cold and never heated, while iced coffee is normal coffee that’s then cooled down.

Which means:

  •  (lower) acidity level

    Acidity decreases with a lower water temperature.
    Similarly, rapidly cooling hot coffee yields a slightly bitter taste.
    Cold Brew is brewed cold and the grounds aren’t subjected to the intense heat of boiling water.
    Cold Brew’s lower acidity means it naturally tastes sweeter.

  • Watery problems, no more!

    Ever poured hot coffee over ice?
    Then you’re familiar with diluted coffee and as we all know, watery coffee is sad.
    Cold Brew puts the dilution in your hands. Since it’s already cold or at room temperature, the addition of ice or added water is entirely optional.

  • A more caffeinated cup

    While caffeine is more soluble and extracts more easily at higher temperatures, Cold Brew’s high bean-to-water ratio and longer brew time give it more buzz.

And at home?

Let’s see how to prepare a great Cold Brew Coffee at home in 5 easy steps.


  • Coffee
    – grinding: medium
    – recommended dose: 60gr/l
    – it’s important choosing the right coffee!
    The ideal is a mixture consisting of a high percentage of Arabica coffee with a delicate and balanced taste, a fragrant aftertaste and a lightweight texture, as SpecialCoffee CAFFÈ FILTRO is.
  • Cold water
  • Time (8-12 hours)


  1. Put the coffee in a container (plastic, glass or ceramic)
  2. Gradually add the fresh water
  3. Stir gently
  4. Let stand at room temperature for at least 12 hours.
    The secret? Don’t rush this. The long sleep time is important for proper extraction.
  5. Filter all of this by using a wet paper filter or kitchen towel.
That’s it! You have your Cold Brew Coffee!

Add ice, milk, or your other favorite coffee accompaniments and enjoy!

A fancy idea?

Cold Brew Coffee can be a great base for preparing cocktails. Try it with Gin, Vodka or Cointreau based drinks.
If you don’t finish it before…  pour Cold Brew Coffee in a bottle and chill it in the fridge. It will keep for up to 1 week!

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