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Cialde Espresso Premium -  Cialde Caffè ESE 44mm

Cialde Pods
Espresso Premium

A blend with a sweet and aromatic taste, made up of a high percentage of fine Brazilian and Central American Arabica balanced by Robusta sourced from selected plantations growing the best Asian coffees.

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Single roasted ground coffee portion, individually packaged in a protective atmosphere

pod packaged with Compofilt® certified compostable filter paper

Product details

Characteristics in the cup





Origin area

In order for SpecialCoffee’s blend to maintain their high standards and signature taste, the geographic origins within each region may vary based on the quality of every harvest. However, the blend composition remains unchanged.

Cialde Espresso Premium coffee pods

Easy use and service, freshness and sustainability enclosed in a coffee pod. For a perfect espresso at home as well as the restaurant or at the café (when the barista is not there).

Once ground, the coffee is enclosed in pods and packaged in a protective atmosphere to best preserve the aromas until the time of extraction.

Even the quantity is absolutely not left to chance: in each pod there are always 7 grams of coffee.

Thanks to the coffee machine, each pod is always extracted at the right pressure and temperature, day after day, month after month, allowing anyone to taste and always offer a perfect coffee.

Good to know: this system, among the many advantages, requires minimal maintenance, reduces waste and it’s eco-friendly.

Furthermore, if coffee beans are particularly suitable for places with high daily consumption, dispensing in pods is the most effective solution in discontinuous moments of consumption to guarantee quality even when the machine is not constantly working.

PACKAGING: box/dispenser of 150 pods

for use with E.S.E. espresso machines

ø 44 mm – ø 40 mm


Single packagingProtective atmosphere monodose
Net weight7g
PackingBox / Dispenser
Sales UnitBox of 150 pods
Packages per pallet120
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