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decaffeinated espresso coffee pods - ESE 44mm Decaf Coffee pods

Cialde Decaffeinato
Decaffeinated Pods

A full flavour and aromatic decaffeinated blend consisting of Brazilian and Central American Arabica balanced by fine Asian Robusta coffee.

A pleasant, creamy texture designed for coffee lovers who prefer to bypass the caffeine without compromising the pleasure of the taste and the aroma of a quality coffee.

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Single decaffeinated* roasted ground coffee portion, individually packaged in a protective atmosphere

*Caffeine not exceeding 0,10% (on dry basis)

Product details

Characteristics in the cup





Origin area

In order for SpecialCoffee’s blend to maintain their high standards and signature taste, the geographic origins within each region may vary based on the quality of every harvest. However, the blend composition remains unchanged.


Decaffeinated coffee is coffee for those who have to or prefer to bypass the caffeine without compromising the pleasure of taste and aroma. Combined with the freshness and ease of the pod, you can’t say no to a good espresso!

Not everyone knows that among the beneficial properties of decaf coffee is that it is rich in antioxidants, which can help fight free radicals, more than it happens for the traditional one, thus allowing us to stay younger for a long time and to prevent some diseases related to advancing age.

Today decaffeinated coffee is recommended on all those occasions when it is better to stay away from caffeine such as evening time and during a day that has already seen too many coffee breaks.

In short, thanks to decaffeinated coffee there is no excuse to say no to those who invite us to drink a good espresso.

PACKAGING: case of 25 pods

for use with E.S.E. espresso machines

ø 44 mm


Single packagingCase of 25 protective atmosphere monodose pods
Net weight7g x 25
Sales UnitBox containing 16 cases of 25 pods (400 pods)
Packages per pallet36
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