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available for all coffee beans blends


PACKAGING: 500 gr. bag

500G. bag provides more flexibility for the modern consumers allowing them additional options with the added value of less impact on the environment.

But there's more..

+ quality
compared to ground coffee and capsules
• no mystery for the consumer as the raw material reveals all
• coffee beans better maintain their aroma and taste

+ fresHNESS
compared to the size of 1kg
• same quality, but more practicle solution for low consumptions
• proper storage and guaranteed durability
• ideal for use at home or OCS with automatic coffee machines system containing a coffee grinder

compared to coffee capsules
• less packaging = less plastic = less volume = less waste
• shorter production cycle
• optimization of logistics
• improved environment and climate (improved Carbon Foot Print)
• lower emission of CO2eq/kg

compared to coffee capsules
• more quality
• more savings
• more cups of coffee (500G of coffee provides more than 70 espresso)

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