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coffee art

Art is a form of expression and creativity. It’s the application of human creative skill and imagination and a way for people’s imagination to take shape. Art is a way of communicating things that cannot be explained with spoken language.

For thousands of years, art has been the vehicle for recreating emotions or feelings that humans use to express themselves.

These imaginations come to life through artists’ skill and passion typically in a form perceptible with the senses (sight for painting, sculptures or books; hearing for music or songs), producing works to be shared and appreciated by everyone primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

So basically art is the human activity focused on producing emotions by the expression of tangible or intangible works through creativity.

What if coffee was also an art form?

Coffee and art correlate besides the obvious connection between creative work and coffee.

It takes skill to create the coffee.

The process of making coffee, from the bean to the cup, is a way of expression by itself.

Please reference the growing, then selection, blending, roasting and, last but not least, brewing. All of these works involve a level of skill and passion in order to make a great cup of coffee.

The artistic process starts from the very farms in which coffee is grown which is most often a long way from where the finished product will finally be consumed. Obviously, it takes a lot of steps just to be able to harvest a high-quality coffee plant.

The farmer does this by maintaining a reputation of family tradition in growing the best beans.

On the other side of the coffee process, we find the barista, who gives individual attention to each cup of coffee. Let’s also not forget the cool latte art.

The art of the roaster: selection, blending and roasting

The middleman, if you will, is the roaster who, finding his “canvas” for expressing himself through coffee, commits a great amount of energy and time to select and create blends and roasts.

As a great painter is the one who chooses the right colors, a writer the right words, or a musician the right notes, a great roaster has the ability to take something with potential and turn it into art.

How? By annually selecting, through strict selection standards, the best coffees from different origins and selections of coffees from countries worldwide while taking into account the different types of flavors contained in them in order to create and perfect outstanding blends, and roasting to enhance the taste profile of blends.

The art of espresso

The authentic Italian espresso coffee for SpecialCoffee is the perfect harmony of aroma, body and taste.

As a result of more than 20 years of experience and refined knowledge, it’s an elegant tribute to our tradition.

Espresso means elegance, heritage, craftsmanship and pleasure. This results in the contemporary interpretation of the “made in Italia” espresso.

Espresso means discovery, delivering a unique coffee experience.

Coffee is art

There is no difference with the artistic mindset.
Art is creativity, inspiration, skill, imagination, and passion.
Coffee shares these artistic qualities, which apply in all art.

The artist has a deep love and appreciation for their craft whether it is painting, sculpting, photography, writing, dancing, singing, or storytelling.

There is skill and passion for each step in the coffee making process. These elements combined are a form of expression. This expression is reflected in the cup of coffee you’re about to drink. The final product (i.e. the cup of coffee or “the completed art work”) is then shared and appreciated by everyone.

People involved in coffee express themselves in their craft and in their product

If something doesn’t work, they are persistent and don’t give up. They refine their technique and continue to create because they are passionate about their product. Even if something similar already exists, they want you to enjoy and appreciate it which inspires them more. It is important to revel in their creation. These people are artists.

As with every kind of art, there are many skill levels in which artists can be separated from mere craftsmen or women.

Just because you can hold a brush does not mean that you are like Picasso, right?
So the same principle applies to coffee. Just because you can make coffee doesn’t mean that you are an artist. Otherwise, everyone who works at a coffee shop would be considered an artist.

And so the meaning of artist should be one who has obtained such great skills and is able to express themselves in a way that can delight a lot of people.

Coffee as ephemeral and multi-sensorial art

Ephemeral because once coffee is consumed, the work of art is gone, at least the physical part of it. However, the feelings and the memories evoked while drinking it remain with the one who had it.

In this sense, coffee is an art that is consumed and each experience will be totally different, even if it was the same coffee blend and the same barista.

Multi-sensorial because it captures more than one sense (sight, smell, taste and touch).

The evolution of the art of coffee

Coffee art and culture have evolved over time in a lot of ways: farming techniques have changed drastically to ensure quality, coffee blends have been developed to create harmony between different flavor profiles, roasting processes have evolved to enhance coffees’ properties, and many brewing methods have been invented in the last century.

The evolution of coffee, which transported us from just a “caffeine kick” to a more sophisticated and diverse kind of beverage, has been happening thanks to people from all over the world on all sides of the coffee journey, from bean to cup. From committed farmers all the way to a more knowledgeable consumer base.

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