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Coffee breaks make work better!
They alleviate stress and make us more productive.

The properties of coffee and the positive effects of caffeine on the body and mind are now known.
To name just a few:

  • Creates energy, stimulates intelligence and fosters concentration
  • It is a source of natural antioxidants
  • It helps to withstand physical efforts
  • It can help reduce the risk of some diseases
  • It can help eliminate fat

However, there are other benefits too. While not directly related to coffee, these rewards include a positive atmosphere of interaction and socialization that is created during the “coffee break” whether it’s at a coffee shop or at a vending machine.

A team of researchers led by Doctor Pernille Strøbaek from the University of Copenhagen observed the social and psychological effects of coffee breaks and identified the benefits by calling it one of the most important factors in the workplace.

Let’s discover why…


The most important aspect of the coffee break is that it encourages socializing among colleagues which in turn makes it a real communal event.
You swap words, ideas and thoughts while drinking sip after sip fueling the conversation.
We talk about everything from sports, holidays, politics, work and of course, gossip.

Chatting with a desk neighbor or a colleague in another department helps deepen existing acquaintances and forge new relationships while creating a calm and relaxed work environment.

This is even more important for the “newbie” who can find the coffee break a more informal setting to help acclimate with the group.


The coffee break is also a great time to discuss business issues or troubles in a more relaxed atmosphere compared to a meeting in the office.

At the vending machine, there is a real exchange of expertise and information that helps strengthen the team spirit, the solidarity among colleagues and collaboration in overcoming the difficulties which ultimately benefits the company.


Getting up from the desk and taking a mental break from paperwork, computers and phones relieves stress while releasing tensions. It takes just a few minutes of chatting with colleagues to vent nervousness and return to tasks with more motivation and concentration.


Sitting too many hours and working nonstop for too long is unhealthy for our body and mind.

Relaxing for a few minutes by stretching your legs while taking two steps to the coffee machine allows us to reactivate the circulation and disengage our eyes from the computer screen which ultimately helps us to live better during the day and to counteract the sedentary moments.

But when is the right time for coffee?

It depends!

If we consider the effects of caffeine on the body, the “x-hour” depends on the production of cortisol.
Between 8 am and 9 am (around an hour after the alarm clock) it’s at the maximum. At this level, our concentration and alertness is already high and coffee might be useless. It’s better to sip coffee between 9:30 am and 11 am when cortisol levels are declining and we need more help.

If we look at the social aspect of the coffee break, the Danish study reveals that the ideal way of recharging our batteries is to have short and repeated breaks throughout the work day.

So if a five minute chat at the coffee machine was once considered a waste of time, today the coffee break has acquired a new value, even in the eyes of owners and management.

It’s no coincidence that during Congress there is always a “coffee break”.

It is also no coincidence that in out-of-home businesses, more and more companies are trending towards creating comfortable, relaxing spaces with vending machines of various kinds to satisfy any kind of break.

An opportunity more for the vending market for delivering quality products, diversifying its offer and increasing its business.

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