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Il Corpo Del Caffè - Immagine In Evidenza

What is coffee “body”?

How do you "feel", describe and understand what influences the main characteristics of taste-tactile analysis? Sip by sip, let’s discover coffee’s "body” which must be full and aromatic particularly in the espresso shot and vending. However, be mindful of the astringency and temperature of the espresso. And above all else, do not forget to mix it before drinking!
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The Time Of A Coffee - On The Go - Breakfast At Tiffany's - Audrey Hepburn


"The time of a coffee” is a “relative” unit of time measurement because it does not always match only the time it takes to drink an espresso. This concept of time is different and subjective, from person to person. Which are the best known type of drinkers?
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