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It’s not so obvious: a great coffee is a coffee professional’s best ally.

It all starts with coffee and continues with products and services designed to help coffee professionals offer an unforgettable experience to their customers every day.

However, we know that different activities and spaces require different approaches. o vending?

Actually, SpecialCoffee’s proposal for coffee professionals always includes a 360-degree offer of ideal products for every business demand and for all public preferences.

SpecialCoffee creates tailor-made solutions to help coffee professionals offer their customers excellent products and services in every space and context.

This includes coffee bars with a high volume of coffees, restaurants/places that serve fewer cups but demand high quality, and companies that always want to offer satisfying breaks.

Excellence in each cup of espresso

Choosing SpecialCoffee for your business means you can count on the experience of people who have been working with coffee for 20 years.

The extra element to increase business

SpecialCoffee guarantees a perfect coffee at any time and in any place by combining a selection of exceptional coffees, a range of innovative coffee machines, and a set of exclusive services tailored to fit your needs.

High quality, experience, performance, reliability and simplicity are what best define SpecialCoffee’s offer. Each is personally customized to satisfy those customers who are increasingly knowledgeable and curious and who are not looking for a simple coffee but want to enjoy a proper sensory experience.

Hey barista, with SpecialCoffee you will have a reliable partner who is able to guide you and help you seize new opportunities in your business!

The coffee

A wide selection of espresso blends and more are dedicated to baristas ultimately enabling them to better satisfy the tastes of a varied clientele. In addition, SpecialCoffee offers a series of exclusive services to support those who spread the pleasure of the perfect espresso every day.

Coffee blends are available with unique flavour profiles to satisfy all tastes 24/7.

At SpecialCoffee, we endeavour to highlight the unique characteristics and the aromatic richness of a coffee, to offer the perfect cup of coffee, day after day.

We do this with high quality standards applied at every phase of processing: from the coffee plant to extraction into the cup.

Every coffee in our range is the fruit of a complex process of selection, blending and roasting.

Choosing the right coffee based on your own tastes or the time of day, allows you to fully appreciate every coffee break.

Coffee machines, equipment and extraction systems

In order to provide solutions suitable for every business – whether you prepare hundreds of coffees a day or only a few cups – SpecialCoffee recommends a series of dedicated machines for coffee professionals.

From the most powerful to the most compact, the extraction equipment has been tested and recommended by SpecialCoffee to ensure consistent perfection. There is a machine to suit every situation regardless of the size of the available space.

Merchandising, accessories and visibility

When you choose SpecialCoffee, it’s obvious.
The pleasure of good coffee is not only expressed through aroma, taste and crema.

At SpecialCoffee we take care of every aspect of the ritual, including aesthetic advice to increase visibility and enhance the encounter. Professional clothing and a range of accessories and service materials are very useful for increasing professionalism and building a cohesive style which adds to the impact of the coffee experience.
Details add quality and make a difference.

The experience of drinking coffee starts with the espresso cup and reaches its pinnacle on the palate. However, it extends to the whole environment that surrounds the client.

The attention to quality and design characteristic of SpecialCoffee is available to all types of businesses for the best enhancement of their activity and service.

Furnishing accessories, professional clothing and accessories lend distinctive charm to their surroundings creating a refined atmosphere of quality.

A whole world for each coffee: choosing one of the SpecialCoffee coffees means more than just selecting one flavour. It means embracing the whole of its world including well-defined style, design and materials for service at the counter, table and interior styling.

Services and training

Not only does SpecialCoffee supply coffee bars with products of excellence, it also delivers exclusive services: personal consultants will provide training, guidance and advice to enhance your business.

Training is a distinctive element of the SpecialCoffee proposal.

Training is a way to preserve, pass on and reinforce the high value of “made in Italy” that we have been exporting all over the world for 20 years with high quality coffee blends and a strong service component.

Promoting Italy’s quality coffee culture around the world as well as testing new blends, by training accomplished professionals, researching a perfect espresso, and experimenting with new forms of taste.


SpecialCoffee believes that every cup of coffee not only offers a moment of pleasure, but also contributes to restoring, rebuilding and revitalising environmental resources and communities.

For SpecialCoffee, sustainability is the way we do business and is always central to everything we do.

That’s why every occasion makes SpecialCoffee the right taste for you and for your business!

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