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Deforestation, climate change, countless animal species on the brink of extinction, whole nations mired in the mud of utter poverty and degrading exploitation of which live on the profits of big global corporations, on the one hand, and… a cup of coffee, other.

Very similar to yours.
Yes, that one.
In fact, no such thing, but precisely that which you are holding in your hands.

How can a single cup of coffee stand against apocalypses facing our planet and threatening the future of our children? As you can think, in his infinite simplicity, in his everyday life almost obvious that she alone is able to do it against all this? Are not these little daily gestures repetitive and simple, such as helping the proverbial little old lady to cross the proverbial road to making this world a better place?
All we have done at least once in life, and we know how even this is enough to make us “feel better” and to convince us that the whole world is a better place.

Verdadero Coffee Cup

One concept: small actions = big changes.

And there’s no need to rush to the streets to harass some unfortunate old lady, just ask for a cup of SpecialCoffee’s Verdadero.

Thus enabling the coffee you hold in your hands to provide a break during your day, and even more significantly, to create a powerful gesture capable of triggering major changes to make us “feel better”.

Verdadero is the latest addition to SpecialCoffee’s range of products and is a culmination of dedication to innovation and most importantly to the sustainability of its growth.

SpecialCoffee Verdadero - packaging

A commitment along the entire production chain family that, over time, has guided business decisions as part of the so-called social responsibility until being recognized as a “Righteous Company”.

Enjoy your cup of Verdadero knowing that the roasting process is part of the commitment to sustainability.

“Eco-Friendly” is our hallmark as we are able to reduce gas consumption and CO2 emissions to the environment. In addition to the delicious and delicate floral notes of dark chocolate scent, you will also feel the aroma of sustainability guaranteed by the origin of the raw material processed by SpecialCoffee.


The family’s commitment has led to the obtainment of the Rainforest Alliance certification.

This means that, to achieve Verdadero, SpecialCoffee purchases from farmers protected by the mark of the Rainforest Alliance’s green frog in Indonesia and Central and South America. You will know how your coffee was grown in a sustainable way, capable of protecting the environment, ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife, and will be committed to improving the quality of life and income of coffee producers, their families and communities, and the investments made in education, health and infrastructure.

RainForest Alliance Certified

SpecialCoffee uses a ashtag order to tell this #FollowTheFrog commitment to all who will listen. Including those who choose to be a part of the active change and want, with their gestures, to simply leave a positive influence on people and the planet because every day they can help prevent deforestation, curb climate change, protect wildlife, alleviate poverty and transform business practices. It is as simple as a cup of coffee! Verdadero!

So why not double your commitment to the world and to “feeling good” even towards those around you? And, perhaps by also offering a Verdadero to the proverbial little old lady…



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